Festilitt 2017 – Hucklow Discusses!

In Great Hucklow we were very excited to hear that the novelist Tracy Chevalier would be attending Festilitt, the literary festival held in Parisot in October every year. Though we couldn’t be there in person, we decided to participate in spirit by reading one of Tracy Chevalier’s novels, discussing it in book group fashion, and posting our discussion on our Twinning Website. The novel we chose was The Lady and the Unicorn, because it’s set in France and Belgium and is based on the beautiful tapestry called La Dame à la Licorne now hanging in the Musée du Moyen Age in Paris. You’ll see here a flavour of our discussion: we all enjoyed the novel, particularly the detailed description of the process of weaving in late 15 th century Europe, and were stunned by the beauty of the finished tapestry- as shown in photos in my copy. We hope other readers in Great Hucklow and Parisot will enjoy this book !

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