French Conversation

Members of the twinning association (usually) meet up every Friday in the Queen Anne, Great Hucklow for French Conversation, though it’s best to confirm with us first in case something else has drawn us all elsewhere.

This is an informal gathering, where the aim is to learn vocabulary and generally practice French, whatever standard you may be. There are no strict rules, and we don’t have a ban on using English! You may find it useful to bring a dictionary and any other resources you think may help. We often have a theme of conversation beforehand, but this is just to focus conversation at the beginning of the evening – we usually stray off topic!

Please contact us should you have queries or if you would like to come along

As for places to learn French… There are some good online resources here:

Français Facile

Learn French

Language Guide

Speak French

Saber Frances

French Language Daily


BBC Language

A Vos Plumes